Masterclass – Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing



Masterclass – Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing

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Ketchup. Criminal offense. Quarterbacks. Thanks to Malcolm Gladwell, these common topics have actually assisted countless readers feast on intricate concepts like behavioral economics and efficiency forecast. Now, the prominent writer and very popular author of Blink and The Tipping Point is teaching his craft online for the very first time. Compose stories that mesmerize by finding out how Malcolm looks into subjects, crafts characters, and distills concepts into basic, effective stories.

01- Introduction.mkv
02- Structuring Narrative – The Imperfect Puzzle.mkv
03- Holding Readers – Tools for Engagement.mkv
04- Holding Readers – Controlling Information.mkv
05- Research.mkv
06- Selecting the Story.mkv
07- Developing the Story.mkv
08- Developing the Story – Analogous Worlds.mkv
09- Interviewing.mkv
10- Characters – Descriptions.mkv
11- Characters – World Building.mkv
12- Character Case Study – The Pitchman.mkv
13- Structuring Language.mkv
14- Jargon.mkv
15- Tone and Voice.mkv
16- Humor and Melancholy.mkv
17- Case Study – Language and Emotion in – Something Borrowed.mkv
18- Titles.mkv
19- Drafts and Revisions.mkv
20- When Your Story Enters the World.mkv
21- Working as a Writer.mkv
22- How to Read.mkv
23- Who to Read.mkv
24- Conclusion – A Theory of Other Minds.mkv

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