Joe Kaplan – Cold Email MasterClasses [GB – INSTANT DELIVERY]


• Sick And Tired Of Seeing All These Bot Builders Bragging About Their Results While
You’re Left Behind? •

– The Scripts, Templates, and Tech Setup That’ll Get You 3-5 Appts A week With Future and Potential Clients –

Sick and tired of not having MORE clients?


Wish you knew how to get in-front of the RIGHT business owners?

Want to know how Joel Kaplan went from 0 to $65,000 a month with cold emailing and still gets 10-15 people every single week hitting his calendar to buy his facebook ads?

This is a 1-hour live event, where he and I will teach you…

  • ? The COLD EMAILS that already work, convert, and get appointments
  • ? The ‘easy as hell’ tech setup so your up and running in 24 hours
  • ? What to write and how to write it so you get a response
  • ? What to say so those responses turn into an appointment
  • ? How to setup the AUTOMATIC follow up so you don’t have to
  • ? The 10 minute guide to getting your first 1,000 business owner emails
  • ? How to go from 25 to 2500+ emails a day without getting banned (yes you need THIS)
  • ? The behind the scenes of cold email campaigns that are already working
  • ?The proven scripts Joel uses to get potential clients to schedule on his calendar
  • ? The 3 secrets to annihilating no-shows forever
  • ? How to avoid getting in the SPAM folder
  • ? Templates, Do’s and Don’ts, and the scripts you didn’t know you needed
  • ? The Success Ratios, KPIs, and Automations
  • ? The slides, replay, and recording of the live 1 hour event
  • PLUS….
  • ? How to AUTOMATE the whole darn thing so it works while you sleep so you get meetings and get PAID ?
  • PLUS…
  • This is our EXPERT SECRET to building bots that sell, get results, and using bots as a way to approach new businesses so we get paid…
  • This is Joel’s EXPERT SECRET that kick started his agency, got him 100 appointments a month, and got him $1,500 clients on the fly…
  • This event is not for everyone…
  • It’s for KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES AGENCY OWNERS that want to…
  • This is not free. It is LIVE.
  • But by attending, you’ll be prepared to get your agency moving in the right direction and generating MEETINGS WITH CLIENTS that want to BUY what you have to SELL…
  • This is limited to only 40 people.


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Joe Kaplan – Cold Email MasterClasses: Videos, PDF

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