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What If You Could Have The Biggest Media Publications In The World Talking About You?

What would that do for your business?

Publicity Overload – Get Massive Media Exposure Today vip-money
Imagine, being featured in magazines and websites that have millions of people viewing them each and every month…

What would an ad in one of these high-traffic publications or websites cost you?

Seriously, take a guess…

Of course, it varies from publication to publication, but in many cases you would spend tens of thousands of dollars to have your ad in these publications…

But, buying an ad isn’t the only
way to get exposure from the media…

Publicity Overload – Get Massive Media Exposure Today media-exposureThere are other ways to get exposure from the media…

Think stories, articles, and interviews…

Unfortunately, you can’t just call up the biggest media outlets in the world and request that they interview you and put your company in front of millions of people…

Well, you could, but you wouldn’t get very far.

There’s a process involved to get this kind of publicity…

And no, it’s not reserved for just big businesses.

Businesses of any size can take advantage of massive media attention, but it’s not easy…

…unless you have some guidance from someone who knows how the media outlets work…

It’s a close-knit community.

If you don’t follow the right steps and processes, you don’t stand a chance to get the exposure your business needs to set it apart from your competition…

Hi there, I’m Haddy.

I started my media career over 17 years ago…

My career started as a freelance journalist for a newspaper, while attending university and working another job on the side…

I loved the media and wanted to succeed more than anything!

In 2000, I graduated with honours from university and made the natural progression into the world of Public Relations.

With my background as a journalist, I knew what made a good story and used that knowledge to help my clients get media coverage…

After many years in the Public Relations world, I founded Clarity Media in 2011 I’ve great success…

Here Are Just A Few Of My Many Accomplishments
That I’m Most Proud Of Are:
  • Landed a speaking engagement for a client which featured Bill Clinton as the headline speaker
  • Placed a client at an event that featured over 60,000 visitors
  • Arranged an interview for a client with bestselling financial author. – This interview was also shared via social media by to millions of people and retweeted over 300 times, giving the client exposure to millions of potential customers!
  • Landed several columns in international publications, with a readership of over 50 million readers worldwide
  • Secured TV coverage for 2 clients that was broadcast in over 46 countries worldwide. I have done this with 3 different TV shows.
  • Secured 2 articles in Forbes magazine for 2 different clients in the same email pitch.

It’s pretty easy to see, that I know my stuff when it comes to PR…

Unfortunately, my services, as well as those of other PR experts are not cheap…

I recognized that there are loads of businesses… big and small that could benefit from what I do and what I know, but just don’t have the budget to retain a PR expert, such as myself…

Over the years, I’ve put together a few cheat sheets of what I’ve done and how I’ve done it…

After some begging and pleading from a few business owners and friends, I have decided to formally put it all together to give you a step-by-step system to achieving MASSIVE publicity without having to retain a PR expert…

…thus saving you thousands of dollars and giving you the “keys to the media kingdom” that you can turn on at any time you wish…

Publicity Overload – Get Massive Media Exposure Today bundle

How to define your media message
Your message is crucial to your success! Many people fail at this and will never see results or get the exposure they desire because of a poor media message. I’ll show the right way to define your message to set yourself up for maximum media exposure!
The PR tactics of the pros
Get an inside look at how the pros do it… It’s not as complicated as you think, but there is a process to seeing maximum PR success.
How to get coverage
Learn what the media outlets are looking for and how to literally put yourself in front of them to guarantee you’ll get exposure. You’ll get a step-by-step approach that guarantees your success
The “Stepping Stone” Approach
One of my favorite tactics for getting clients massive exposure – You’ll get to see exactly how the “Stepping Stone” approach works and how to use it to begin getting more attention and more customers fast!
How to write an attention grabbing press release
Although it seems simple, there’s an art to writing a press release that gets real media attention. You’ll learn exactly how to do it from a media expert.
How to get international media exposure
Looking for even more exposure? I’ll teach you exactly how you can get exposure from some of the biggest, international media outlets in the world resulting in a potential windfall of attention and customers.
How to land a regular column
One of the best ways to get ongoing attention for your business is through a column. Many media outlets are starving for quality content from experts… You’ll learn how to become that expert and reap the benefits!
How to give a brilliant media interview along with sample questions
Once you get media attention, it’s crucial that you’re prepared. You’ll get a step-by-step cheat sheet along with sample questions to ensure when it’s time to step up to the plate, you hit a homerun!
How to use social media to get massive exposure
Social media is becoming more and more important in our daily lives and reaches millions of people every single day – One of the fastest ways to get your message out there is with social media… You’ll see exactly how the PR Pros use social media and how you can do the same as soon as this week!
How to Win Top Business Awards And Leverage Them For More Business
There are many prestigious business awards that can not only generate new leads and sales for your business, but also give you authority to stand out amongst your competition
Here’s A Sneak Peak Of The Course…
  • Module #1 – Backend Systems Video
  • Module #2 – Defining Your Message PDF
  • Module #3 – How To Get Media Coverage PDF
  • Module #4 – How To Get Media Coverage Video
  • Module #5 – PR Tactics Video
  • Module #7 – The Stepping Stone Approach Video
  • Module #8 – How To Write An Attention Grabbing Press Release PDF
  • Module #9 – How To Write A Memorable Biography PDF
  • Module #10 – Media Interview Video
    • Module #11 – Media Interview Part 2 PDF
    • Module #12 – Getting International Exposure Video
    • Module #13 – How to Secure International Media Coverage PDF
    • Module #14 – How To Use The Media To Raise Money For Your Projects And Get Sponsorship PDF
    • Module #15 – How To Win Awards Video
    • Module #16 – How To Write Strong Award Applications PDF
    • Module #17 – Capitalizing On Social Media PDF
    • Module #18 – Capitalizing On Social Media Part 2 Video
    • Module #19 – PR Methods For Coaches Video
    • Module #20 – PR Evaluation And Crisis Management PDF
Here’s What A Few Of My Clients Have To Say About Me And My Publicity Tactics…

I had the privilege of working with Haddy and the Clarity Media Communications team on the Making of the Mogul documentary. I received a call from Haddy that I would be put forward for this programme which broadcasts across Africa and within a couple of hours everything was sorted. One month later, my face was all over the screens in Africa. As I result, I received messages from individuals who saw the documentary, and got booked onto a 12 date event as a direct result.

I can confidently recommend the services of Haddy and her team to any Business or individual who are serious about getting their brand out in the market place.  Thanks for the great work.

International Speaker/Trainer, Author, Coach and Entrepreneur
I’m very impressed with the results that Haddy has achieved. Within just days of discussing the brief, I had offers on the table from a number of very high profile publications. Haddy is great to work with and I cannot praise her work enough. If you’re looking for world class PR advise and expertise you need to call Haddy today.