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“Dan Kennedy FINALLY Reveals His PROVEN Secrets On How To Grab Your Readers By The Eyeballs And Dramatically Boost Your Sales, Conversions, And Business GUARANTEED…Even If You Can Barely Write A Grocery List!”

It’s Not Brain Surgery! Your Days Of Suffering From “Writers Block” Are Finally Over As Dan Reveals 638 Pages Worth Of PROVEN Ads You Can “Swipe And Deploy” For Your Own Business!

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From Dan Kennedy
Re: Copywriting And Sales Mastery
Thursday, 10:52

Dear Renegade Millionaire:

I have achieved total and complete financial liberty.  And if you isolated the ONE THING that puts me here…above anything and everything else…is my ability to write copy that sells—for ads and sales letters and other media.

And I will tell you this:  Anybody can do it.  I have a high school education and “regular” talents and skills, yet I am one of the most highly sought-after copywriters in the world.

This year, old and new clients will pay me more than a million dollars for copywriting…and over 85% of clients use me repeatedly.  My work in client’s hands has brought in over $20 million thus far this year.

I have also written over 300 print and direct mail campaigns that have raked in 1 million or more.  I also have dozens of “evergreen” controls that have been mailed for 5-10 years…broadcast advertising that has generated over 30 million…and speech and seminar scripts that have raked in $100-million.

The breath, depth, and diversity of my knowledge of copywriting is simply not matched. And it all had to do with discovering:  

The “X-Factor” Almost Nobody Talks
About Because So Few Understand It!

The first person talking about “how to succeed” I discovered was Earl Nightingale.  He was famous for saying one of my favorite lines:  “Figure out what everyone else is doing…and then do the opposite.”  I benefited greatly from it.

But there was something missing.  I realized that “attitude” didn’t matter if I didn’t have a qualified prospect in front of me…one that could give me money.

That shifted my interest into marketing.  I remember getting my hands on an 18-cassette product from Zig Ziglar and some other speakers.  They said the key to wealth and abundance was persistence, determination, desire, goal setting, yadda, yadda, yadda.

But the discovery and direction that changed my life wasn’t any of those things.  Sure, they were ALL useful, but there’s one thing that made me extremely wealthy:

That One Big DARN Secret Is Cultivating
The Ability To Put Words On Paper That Compels
People To Open Their Wallets And BUY!

That’s right, it’s the ability to craft a sales message and put it on paper…or on a website…compelling people to give me money!

This is the exact same thing that separated Bill Glazer from other menswear retailers—allowing his stores to prosper while his neighbors closed their doors. Copywriting has made him a wealthy man.

And it’s the one BIG secret that enabled Chauncey Hutter’s tax preparation offices to flourish—even literally drive the tax giant H.R. Block out of a market area he dominates.

In other words, this is the ONE SKILL that others in many industries or fields (even yours)…do not have.   And this is your opportunity to possess a power no one else you compete with has!

 You’ll Be Able To Open Any Virtual Vault
You Like…And Create The Life You Want!

You’ll be able to run your businesses the way YOU want.  Not “someone else”…or how your clueless peers tell you. 

You see, some people might think I’m a bit cantankerous and a little “offensive”.  But that’s OK.  I just don’t put up with certain “stuff” in my businesses that other people tolerate. 

Being able to write effective sales copy will allow you to attract the type of customers you want…and REPEL those you don’t want.

Now imagine what you’re business is like now.  Are you attracting your ideal customers, clients, and patients?   Have to put up with the occasional “dumb-dumb” you wish you could get rid of but cannot because he pays the bills?

Putting words on paper can solve all that for you.  Darin Garmin is a real estate agent who got SICK of carting around prospects for 3 weeks…showing them houses…driving them around town for 4 hours on a Sunday…

…Until they ended up buying a house under someone else. That REALLY ticked him off…and he came to me to solve this problem.

Well, what we did was write a sales letter that virtually eliminated “tire kickers” and looky loos and brought him prospects that were ready to buy NOW.

Problem solved.

That’s what mastering copywriting can do for you.  Imagine sending out a sales letter that brings on 10,000, $100,000, even a million dollars!  I have done that many times—and I can assure you…you have everything in you to do it for yourself!

But If You IGNORE The Importance Of
Mastering The Alchemy Of “Salesmanship In
Print”, Then Beware!

If you ignore what I’m saying here and DON’T get good at putting words on paper…it imprisons you in many different ways.

It might enslave you to never-ending, never-diminishing manual labor that restricts your income and makes you “over the hill” before your time.

And it might prohibit your businesses expansion—leaving you incredibly vulnerable to new competition.   You won’t be able to do “guerilla warfare” effectively and compete with big-spending advertisers that want to eat you for lunch!

Sure, you might be “OK” at writing copy—but if you’re just “OK” you’ll always be on the “short end of the stick” when it comes to the amount of income you could make…putting you at risk to changing business conditions and changing economies that could wreak havoc on your livelihood.

And don’t say, “Well, I have a copywriter…or I’ll just hire one!”    Well, you might be off the hook, but if that copywriter doesn’t know what he’s doing—you would have no way of knowing this.   

So it’s BETTER to have a mastery of basic copywriting and sales thinking strategies.  Heck, not only will it make you a better copywriter—it’ll make you a better salesman as well!

Think about this:  you can get better at many other aspects of your business, many other skills…

…and yet wind up no farther ahead as a result.

The FASTEST skill you can learn that can rake in immediate profits for you in the ability to become a masterfully adept copywriter.   It can occur much faster, much easier, and yield cash in your bank account more easily.

You can use this mastery for your present business, your own products and services, to expand or diversify, to launch a new venture, and even as a freelancer…writing for others.

Copywriting can do it for you—as it’s clearly the most powerful and rapid means of creating exceptional income. 

In fact, I thought it was so important that…a couple years ago:

I Held My Last Ever Copywriting Mastery
And Sales Thinking Bootcamp Teaching What REALLY Brings Home The Bacon!

Here’s the deal: It took place a couple years ago in Phoenix and only 300 people who paid a hefty $3000 were let in.  

In it, I shared every single copywriting trick in the book—along with hordes of swipe files the attendees could use to create their OWN promotions the easy way…just “copy and pasting”.

So I didn’t just want to teach them to fish…but also GIVE them the darn fish!  By the time the seminar was over, everybody got a virtual sales clinic they couldn’t get anywhere else.  

Tons of “heavy hitters” were there…the same ones that come to every GKIC event since we know how to “bring it” when it comes to dispensing actionable sales and marketing strategies designed to summon more customers, clients, and patients to your business.

More on that in a second. But for now I’m going to give you a chance to “let you in” on my very last Copywriting and Sales Thinking Bootcamp for a FRACTION of what “everyone else” paid: