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Building a Successful Copy-writing Business - Clayton Makepeace23

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America’s highest-paid copywriter who has earned well over $1 million per year since 1995 — says …

“Give me 48 hours
and I’ll give YOU
an income explosion!

I’ll give you my detailed blueprint for building a copywriting BUSINESS that rakes in up to six — even seven — figures per year, including …

  • Client attraction methods that will have potential clients trying to sell YOU on why you should work with them
  • The ‘framework’ — agreements, forms, and checklists — you need to make sure your business runs without a hitch
  • How to earn more money with one client, in just one month — than most people earn in an entire year
  • And much, much more!”

From the desk of Katie Yeakle, Executive Director, AWAI …

Building a Successful Copy-writing Business - Clayton Makepeace

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never
been paid to write a word of copy

If you’re going to learn how to do something, it only makes sense to learn from the very best.

And when it comes to building a profitable copywriting business, this “career maker” is the best expert I know.

He has literally helped hundreds of copywriters launch and grow their businesses.

Many earn VERY nice incomes. The lucky few he personally coached earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. And the really ambitious ones like P.L., B.H., K.K., B.L., and C.A. make millions.

And now, you have an opportunity to learn directly from him.

Imagine a business where …

  • Dream clients who respect and value the work you do, seek YOU out. They’re delighted if you choose to work with them. They are willing to pay you every penny you’re worth. And, they look forward to a long, profitable relationship.
  • Your income becomes stable. Most of your clients pay you a big fat retainer fee every month. And thanks to generous royalties, your income grows year after year, while you seem to work even less than you did before.
  • You only take on projects you want to work on. And only with people you want to work with. You are in complete control of your business.
  • You have total freedom and flexibility. You can finally put your mental energy on the fun stuff like what far-off places you want to visit. Who you want to pamper and spoil. And how you want to enjoy your life.

This can be YOUR life once you master the secrets of building a mega-profitable copywriting business.

And over the course of two days this coming April, you can learn how to do it from the ultimate copywriting business coach.

Plus, you’ll also get 7 full audio seminars, all designed to help you make more money in less time:

  • Audio Seminar #1Kick Your Copywriting Business into Hyperdrive!
  • Audio Seminar #2How to Get Every Penny You’re Worth …
  • Audio Seminar #3How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back to You Over and Over Again — Forever!
  • Audio Seminar #4Write Better Copy, FASTER … Produce Up to TWICE As Many Projects Per Year … And Get Bigger Winners, More Often! …
  • Audio Seminar #5The Secret That Pushed My Income Up to $650,000 Per MONTH …
  • Audio Seminar #637 Proven Secrets to Help You Get BIGGER WINNERS, MORE OFTEN!
  • Audio Seminar #7Answers to Your Most Pressing Business-Building Questions

BONUS GIFT #2: The Makepeace Business System (a $795 value, yours FREE)

This also used to sell on Clayton’s blog. Now, you can’t find it anywhere.

You get NINE HOURS of instruction — all designed to make you a king’s ransom. You’ll discover …

  • The four, simple words you can say to a prospective client that make it nearly impossible for him not to hire you …
  • Answers to your most urgent questions about earning six, even seven-figures every year at home in your B.V.D.’s — or in any other location and/or uniform you choose …
  • Three secrets that can make each client four times more profitable for you …
  • Five landmines to avoid in freelance copywriter contracts …
  • Three ways to make sure you collect every penny of royalties due you …
  • Why it’s NOT all about winning: You write a bomb. The client immediately hires you again. Crazy? NO! He just knows these seven things you don’t …
  • Six common blunders that get writers FIRED — and how to avoid each one …
  • The three-word answer that can instantly end any copy argument and keep your strongest effort intact …
  • Four times when you should demand your kill fee, kiss a client good-bye, and move on to greener pastures …
  • The six types of writer’s block — and how to blast away each one …
  • Six ways to keep your creative juices flowing — even when you think your brain is toast …
  • The #1 productivity killer — and the three mental tricks that kick its butt every time …
  • Five reasons why the freelance model fails clients and the better way to do business.
  • How to set up a new relationship that will make both you and your client as rich as Midas.
  • And MUCH MORE on how to perfect your craft!

It took Clayton a lifetime
to learn these secrets

You’ll master them
in just 48 short hours

All in the lap of luxury!

Clayton’s spent his entire life, designing and perfecting these business-building secrets.

As far as I know, he’s one of only a handful of copywriters using these kinds of secrets to earn more in one month than most people earn in a decade.

To say this method has been worth millions to him is an understatement. It’s been worth that, and more.

After all, what kind of price can you put on the freedom you’ll have … the flexibility and control … and the whole new world that opens up when you’ve taken care of the “money” side of your business?

You can’t. It’s priceless.

Now, Clayton is known for over-delivering. And this event will be no exception. Because of that, Clayton’s asked me to limit the number of copywriters who can attend, to make things more manageable.

Only 100 seats are available. I expect they will go quickly, as this is the kind of information that changes lives.

So if you’re serious about building a successful copywriting business, I suggest you act immediately.

One More Extra “Perk” We’d Like To Give You …

As part of your training with Clayton at The Makepeace Method: Building a Successful Copywriting Business event, we’re going to give you an extra “perk.”

One that will sway potential clients into hiring you …

After your time with Clayton, we’ll post your online portfolio on the AWAI site!

We’ll identify you as a Makepeace Trained Copywriter … and you’ll be able to post things like:

  • Your bio
  • Samples for potential clients to see
  • Testimonials you might have from other clients and colleagues
  • Success stories on all the great results your clients have achieved
  • Your rate card, so potential clients know what they can expect to pay
  • And most importantly – your contact information so a potential client can quickly get in touch with you

What this could do to your business or add to your yearly income … only time will tell.

But here’s what I can say: As one of your potential clients, this is something I would LOVE to see before hiring a copywriter. It gives me increased confidence in your ability … and the quality of training you’ve had.

I bet other “dream clients” feel the same way. And as only one of a few “Makepeace Certified Copywriters” who gets their portfolio posted on AWAI’s site, you better believe it’ll give you a HUGE leg up on the competition.

Look, Clayton’s NEVER shared these secrets
in person at an event like this.

Until now, there’s only been two ways to get him to share this kind of thing in person:

  • Be lucky enough to become one of his copy cubs (which he doesn’t do anymore).
  • Hire him outright (and believe me, he isn’t cheap).

His clients routinely write him checks of $70,000 … $100,000 … even $370,000 — EVERY MONTH!

Just a day of consulting goes for $25,000. And that’s if he’s even available, which these days he isn’t.

Which means if he were consulting with you for two days, you’d have to fork over a not-so-small $50,000.

Fortunately, your investment to spend a full two days with him won’t be anywhere near that much.

He wanted to make this available to as many SERIOUS copywriters as possible. That means he didn’t want to give the farm away — but at the same time, didn’t want to make it utterly impossible to attend.

At first he was thinking in the neighborhood of $7,500. That’s fair I think, considering what you’ll be learning could make you millions throughout your lifetime. Plus, he’s also giving you TWO of his former bestselling programs (a $1,094 value), absolutely free.

But I told him that might still be a little steep for most copywriters who could benefit from this training. He was hesitant at first, but he finally gave in.

You won’t pay $7,500.

Your investment is just $4,995.

Not much when you consider just ONE client relationship (using Clayton’s methods) could net you hundreds of thousands of dollars, year in and year out.

And when you think of all the newfound freedom and choice you’ll have in your life … it’s a no-brainer.